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Set your business goal, we'll help you to achieve it.

Rather than just rolling along week after week, it is better to set goals - short, medium, and long term goals.
We can help you develop strategies to achieve your financial goals. This will assist you to better manage your money and secure your future.

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We are Registered Tax Agents

When you deal with Keep it Accounting, you deal with professional Tax Agents, BAS agents, and Tax Advisers.

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Financial Advice

Financial advice is a service provided by a licenced financial adviser (also known as a financial planner),that can help you make financial decisions. Financial advice can help you with budgeting,investing,superannuation, retiremaent planning,estate planning, risk management, insurance and taxation. Some of ourr specialist services are set out below.

We are registered Tax (financial) advisers by the TPB and are authorized as representatives of SMSF Advisers PTY Ltd Check us out on the financial advisers register.

Asset Management

At Keep it Financial we help you to manage your tangible and non-tangible assets and protect them from unforeseen incidents of the future and fund them from appropriate and tax effective sources.

Our aim is your gain from your assets. Therefore, we give you advice on the suitability of your business purchases and sales, and we keep track of their depreciation, deductibles and expenditures.

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Keep it Finance guides you to invest in the right place. Say it is shares, bonds, lands, accommodations, commercial building, or just a deposit in a bank, we match the risks that suit the amount of risk you are comfortable with (personal risk profile), assess the asset value and calculate the return you may expect.

We will suggest to you investment areas, ( Shares, housing, land, commercial buildings, deposit in banks, bonds…) that fit your comfot zone while sit being able to achive the returns to meet your investment objectives.

For us, it is your best interest that is important.

Retirement Planning

When it comes the time, Keep it Financial stands by you to plan your retirement.

Your business, your assets, your shares, and your investments would all affect your post-retirement financial situation.

Keep it Financial, walks with you, step by step to plan your pension and retirement so that you enjoy the luxuries you deserve in fun days ahead.

We are specialists in self managed superaanuation funds and how to employ them to reduce tax liabilities.

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Property Loans

Your job is to look for the desired property to purchase. Our job is to finance your property.

At Keep it Financial, we arrange non-recourse property loans and we help SMSF first home buyers to enjoy the schemes available to them. So, be ready to purchase your dream.