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Accounting evolved during the history of mankind from simple Barter exchanges to the Blockchains of the future. It is under a constant review, and one has to follow. It turned to the most regulated filed which determines the success or failure of a business.

We take the responsibility to manage your accounts and keeping them compliant. So you can sit back comfortably to focus on what matters to you the most.

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We are Registered Tax Agents

When you deal with Keep it Accounting, you deal with professional Tax Agents, BAS agents, and Tax Advisers.

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Australia has one of the most complex taxation systems with more than twenty one forms of taxes such as Individual Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Trustee Tax, Payroll Tax, etc. It is a highly regulated field and every year, the government brings changes to the system which adds more complexity. The simplest tax, Income Tax, if not prepared correctly can lead to penalties being imposed by the ATO. More serious consequences await businesses and trustees.

We are registered Australian tax agents, licensed by the Australian Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). Being specialized in taxation with 100+ years of experience, we are well qualified to help you with your taxation needs. We are bound by the Code of Professional Conduct, to put our client’s interests first.

Business Activity Statement (BAS)

Business Activity Statement (BAS) is how you report and pay your business-related taxes either monthly or quarterly. It is crucial for a business to lodge the BAS before or on the due date to avoid penalties and avoid unnecessary issues that can tangle your successful business.

We are able to review and prepare the electronic lodgement of client’s BAS returns as Tax Agents. The same information can be used to prepare management accounts to assist clients in the conduct of their businesses freeing you up to focus on the growth of your business.

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Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Taking control of your own superannuation fund could be the best decision you make. It’s your future and it’s your retirement. So, let us be a part of that.

We prepare your SMSF accounts and we look after them for you. We keep SMSF historical files for required periods and we generate reports that are required by statute, ASIC and ATO. What about your returns? Well, we file the returns to them before the due dates. So, you don’t need to spend your precious time on compliance.

SMSF Audit

All Self Managed Funds are required by the Superannuation act to be audited. Your SMSF accounts are not excluded. It is important for us to ensure the health of your accounts, it’s correctness and compliance.

Annually we arrange for an independent SMSF auditor to provide a quote to you for the audit of your fund. On your instructions, we prepare the audit papers and bundle for the auditor to complete his work and make his report. The audit report will be furnished to you in the annual report.

Auditors on our recommendation list are registered, qualified, and fully compliant with professional standards.

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Book keeping

Recording your financial transactions are very important and it determines the success of your business as it visualizes the financial condition of your business. A good bookkeeping manner can save you tons of time and money and the bad bookkeeping has the opposite effect on your business.

Our bookkeepers record your day-to-day business financial transactions so we can prepare a more reliable income statement that allows you to track the health of your business and its financial status.

Record keeping

All the financial statements including receipts, invoices, correspondence, bank statements, bills and many other documents must be retained for seven years.

Our experience tells us that these statements can be lost, damaged or degraded by the time when it is not well-taken care of. In fact, these records are necessary if you need to defend a dispute or a raised issue. Otherwise, it enforces an unwanted cost to your business.

We are bound to keep this information for you in a safe place for that duration so that we can protect you and your business.


We use Xero’s fully integrated “single touch payroll” that all employers are required to use to file with the ATO. We are able to set clients up on this superior system and monitor clients processing or if requested by clients do all the data processing through to electronic lodgement. Superannuation is automatically processed with the other payroll computations.