Growing revenue through increased market share

Whatever industry you’re in, if you can grow to dominate a particular niche or specialism, you’ll quickly start to see the positive impact on sales, revenue and end profits.
Through strategic use of sales, marketing and business development techniques, you can build your brand profile and increase market share – making you the go-to provider in your niche and secure a larger slice of the sales and revenue pie.
A strategic approach to increased market share.

Whether you’re a specialist in building websites for creative agencies, or a coffee wholesaler targeting independent cafes, there’s a core need to know your niche and your audience.
To work that niche and expand your market share, it’s vital to have a clear goal and strategy – and, when applied effectively, there’s potential to ramp up revenues across the business.
You need to be able to clearly state:
What your unique selling point (USP) is – having clearly defined your chosen niche, where you’re aiming to specialise and why you’re the clear choice over the competition.

Who you’re targeting – so there’s an accurate profile of your targeted customers, who they are, what their needs are and what spending power they have.

How you’d sell to them – laying out your marketing and promotional plan, and how you’ll communicate your USP to the targets and prospects you’ve defined.

What your revenue goal is – providing estimated figures for the revenue and turnover you’re aiming to achieve, so you can track and measure performance over time.

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